Storever creates unique interactive solutions that enable your customers to receive information via touchscreens and mobile applications.



Stronger client relationship built with top notch mobile applications.


Provide instant mobile & multimedia experiences at the point of sale.


Collect reliable information of your customers shopping behavior.

Companies that match their brand to music are 96 % more likely to be remembered

Study conducted by Leicester University, UK in 2008

What do we offer?

Service Features

  • Development of top notch mobile and shopping applications on iPhone and Android OS
  • Sourcing, deployment and installation of mobile sites for all smartphone brands
  • SMS platform that enables you to manage your own campaigns and monetize your shopping promotions as well
  • Installation of interactive touchscreen solutions allows you to offer your customers the greatest shopping experience
  • Loyalty campaign manager ensures the customers brand attraction
  • Monetisation of the application increases your sales


Food, Fashion, Automotive, Hotels, Restaurants, ...

Services for every retail sector


About Storever

Established in 2003, Storever develops and offers digital audio, video and mobile solutions for retail chains. Storever offers each brand the power of a real in-store communication media channel.


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