In-Store Music

Unique Sound Experience in your stores

Do you want to create a sound experience for your customers? Are you looking for a plug & play solution for broadcasting music? Storever offers a panel of solutions to meet your expectations.

  • Exclusive
  • Custom Licensing
  • Channel
  • Audio
  • Ad
Exclusive Program

Exclusive Program

The tailor-made musical program following your brand DNA.

Our professional Sound Designers select each song based on your brand DNA to create a unique musical experience for your customers. The program is adapted to your timetable : specific tempos at a certain time, specific programing during Christmas…

You have a dedicated sound designer who will regularly update your program according to your briefings.

Custom Licensing Program

Custom Licensing Program

An attractive and tailor-made royalty-free music program.

Our rich royalty free music database allows to define dynamic programs to create a unique sound experience for your customers.

The program is designed by several criteria in order to make your employees and customers happy.

Your dedicated sound designer will choose the best songs out of our database to update your program regularly.

Channel Music

Channel Music

Integrate a flexible musical atmosphere in your stores.

We will provide you a Player System that will be able to play different types of programs.

Our programs can fit every retail atmosphere and you will be able to choose a different channel at any moment. You have the choice out of 5 channels of commercial music or 4 channels of royalty free music.

Audio Spots

Audio Spots

Our voice-overs will meet your needs for in-store messages.

A promotional message in your store, a reminder of your opening hours or even a single line call system in a supermarket, we will use our expertise for your project and a perfect customer experience.

Ad manager

Ad Manager

Our AD Manager platform allows you to manage your spot programming easily.

Load your spots, define the schedule, rehearsals and apply your campaigns to your store. Our online tool allows you to manage all of your in-store messages with autonomy and simplicity.

10 400Spots created / year

15 500New music titles / year

750 MMusic titles broadcasted / year