Media at the point of sale: The optimal video content to engage your customers

Sales experts have long been of the opinion that a TV screen set up in a store can boost business. But what should you play on the device? What is better suited to increase sales: Your own programme or an external channel? Do you need to be able to produce films yourself? Is there anyone who might be able to relieve you of this task, and what are the legal aspects of this “communication to the public”?

Questions upon questions about Point of Sale TV (short: POS TV), which all come down to one central consideration: Where should the content that you show on your screen come from? We present the most common possibilities and their respective pros and cons.

Who should produce their own POS TV programme?

Own stations with self-produced editorial and advertising content are mostly operated by large corporations. These large companies can establish their own departments for the production of such a programme. They often broadcast their programmes outside their own locations as well, via the Internet or as pay-TV channels, and offer their own reach to advertising customers – which in turn generates profits. Smaller companies without a special radio/multimedia department will hardly be able to produce equally high-quality and varied content.

Who should run a foreign programme?

The best known example of a group of companies that run the programme of an existing station at their point of sale is the Sky Sportsbars. The concept is so popular that Sky offers a special business rate. The sports bars do not have to worry about legal or organizational questions, this has all been predetermined.

In general, the following rule applies: Anyone who commercially communicates a TV programme must pay a corresponding licence fee to the collecting society of their country (e.g. GEMA in Germany, PRS for Music in the UK). Depending on the content, other licences or royalties may apply. Running a foreign programme is worthwhile for those who want to send less own advertising messages and have their focus on entertaining and/or informing their customers, as well as for those for whom own production is too expensive. If you want to take advantage of major events (World Cup, Eurovision, Olympic Games, etc.), it is also a good idea to show a well-known TV channel.

A new POS-TV solution closes the gap

Not every company has the resources and skills to produce its own TV programme. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs want audiovisual content that is tailored to their target group and, at the same time, the possibility of sending out their own advertising messages. This need has led to the emergence of new providers who either operate an industry-specific channel or create an individual programme for each of their customers. For most SMEs, this is the best solution as it allows them to display pre-produced news, documentation and other editorial content alternating with their own advertisements. This gives them the ideal added value for themselves and their customers.


Whether you should create your own programme in your store or show a well-known channel depends on what you want to achieve: If you mainly want to advertise your products and perhaps use your content for other purposes, it is a good idea to show self-produced content on the POS TV screen. However, this requires a high level of expertise and resources. If you want to take advantage of an existing programme, for example a sports broadcast, a historical event or a popular news programme, all you have to do is set up a television. In this case, you must pay a fee to the relevant collecting agency on your own initiative. If you want a programme that fits your industry or brand, can be used for advertising, is professionally designed and can be managed with comparatively little effort, providers of POS TV solutions are a good choice.