Instore videos: How to use the amazing effect for your store

Are you currently thinking about installing a video screen in your shop and would like to know what content you should play on it? After all, you want to promote your business with it. Or are you still considering different ways to encourage your customers to buy more in your store? In both cases, it is helpful to know the various effects instore video installations can have on customers.

In the social media sector, everyone is already focusing on the medium of video. It is extremely popular, because watching a video is less effort for the audience than reading a text. For the creator, on the other hand, audiovisual content offers countless possibilities for conveying messages. Not only on the web, but also in real life, directly at the point of sale, moving pictures can promote sales and customer loyalty. In this article, you’ll learn how to use video installations in your store to boost your sales.

Videos lift the spirits

Video content contributes to Customer Experience (CX). Whether this experience is positive depends on the content shown. Clips that can also be understood without sound – such as cartoons or videos with subtitles or captions – are well suited. Beautiful colours, cheerful faces, pointed jokes and entertaining information brighten the mood in general, regardless of whether the viewer is in a salesroom or not. The fact is, however, that people in a good mood spend more money and tend to stay longer in the shop. Use this uncomplicated effect for your turnover.

Videos shorten the waiting time

Another advantage is that interesting videos can shorten waiting times. Especially when they have to queue up at the checkout, customers are grateful for video material that keeps their thoughts busy. However, you should not place anything here that will force the viewer to run back into the store. You may want to advertise future offers and promotions or your customer card at the exit. This concept is also known from the subway, long-distance flights, queues in amusement parks or in the theatre’s break room. Clichéd as this might sound, the man who has to wait while his wife buys shoes is grateful for video programmes as well. Make sure he can see entertaining material that is not overloaded with advertising messages.

Videos show the character

The messages do not necessarily have to “sell” something. It is also possible to simply show colours matching the brand, beautiful landscapes or people that create a certain atmosphere. Recordings of parties and festivals are, for example, an idea for shops selling music or fashion. Beaches, mountains, forests and exotic animals can be found in the travel agency or at the airport. You can also have your logo appear again and again. If your business is in an upscale price range, you can show other luxurious items, even if they are not offered, because they still give a sense of style and exclusivity. Show the character of your company.

Videos draw attention to special offers

With the help of video recordings shown at the right time and place, you can draw attention to particular bargains or items that are only available for a short time. It’s like a flyer or banner, only in video form. The advantage of an in-store video installation is that the customer does not have to go anywhere to accept your offer, but is already in the store. Use big screens and bright colours to make sure you catch the attention.

Videos show your content

Nowadays companies produce a lot of content especially for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube or for their own website. Much of it is already audiovisual or could be processed accordingly. It would be a pity if this material was only seen by those who look for it on the Internet. Go a little step further and show the content where the customer is right now. Depending on the line of business, you can show tips on handicrafts or cooking, styling ideas or instructions on how to repair a broken bicycle, interviews with experts and personalities, words from the managing director and more. Simply reuse your produced content.

Videos inspire the buyer

What does the customer do with your product after he has bought it? Use your video screen for relevant content marketing. Present short instructions that work in a similar way to teleshopping. For example, you can show your decoration in different living spaces, accessories in various outfits or travel destinations that can be reached by car, if you want to design videos for waiting customers at the car dealer.


It is no wonder that social media rely on video content: Videos are diverse, attract attention, are easy to consume and can deliver almost any message. Their disadvantage is the comparatively high effort for the production, but often clips can be used several times or agency material is available. Video animations can raise the general mood and thus lead to more sales. The entertainment also makes waiting times more bearable for customers. Videos can convey the character of your brand, draw attention to current offers, show content that has already been produced to a larger audience and, last but not least, show the buyer how to use the purchased product. Despite effort and costs, in-store videos are worthwhile in many respects.