Insider tip scent marketing: How to influence the length of time your customers spend in the store

Even if it is still cool outside from time to time, something has changed. You start the day cheerfully and full of purpose. In the early hours of the morning, the sun’s rays tickle your face, while blossoming fields and the smell of fresh fruit fill the air around you. In the evening the sky remains bright for a long time and it smells of spicy food. You can feel it with all your senses: Summer is just around the corner – and it not only radiates its warm fragrances, but also a good mood.

Just like nature, you can use this psychological effect in a targeted way, for example, to “lure” customers into your store, to keep them there for a longer time, to make them remember you or to generally influence their well-being. The concept is called in-store scent marketing. Scents are sprayed on business premises using a diffusor. We introduce you to a few strategies and fragrances that trigger certain emotions or radiate a character. This way you can choose which fragrance suits your brand, conveys your message appropriately and induces your customers to make more purchases in a discreet way.

Why does scent marketing arouse emotions?

In everyday life, People orient themselves mainly with their eyes and ears. We perceive scents rather unconsciously. But what we smell actually has a more intense effect on our emotions than other sensory impressions. This is because we always associate a smell with the situation in which we smelled it for the first time. That’s why we still love the scent of cinnamon and vanilla cookies, even though for adults, Christmas has lost the magic of childhood. The positive experience of that time remains in the nose.

The effect, however, means that not everyone reacts the same way to every scent. One person can be deterred by a strong smell like ginger, while for others it stimulates the appetite. However, there are also scents that do not need a memory, but directly trigger a hormonal surge and thus a feeling. We present a few examples below.

How does fragrance marketing move us into a certain season of the year?

As a general rule, every season has different flowers, different weather and different typical dishes. Therefore, the seasonal experience is very easy to implement: Around Christmas you spray an in-store scent mixture of firs and cookies, at Easter you diffuse the fragrance of spring flowers, in summer one of fruits, sun, beach and sea and in autumn you take nuts, pumpkin or berries. The concept works particularly well when you offer goods that are used in a particular season. Increase the anticipation of using your products!

How does fragrance marketing get us to another place?

Not only seasons, but also countries, regions or specific places like a market place, a beach, a kitchen or a garden party have their characteristic scent. Would you like to move your customers mentally to one of these places tempt them to buy the matching goods? You can achieve this goal with the right scent marketing and give your brand more authenticity at the same time. With the scent of curry, for example, you can transfer your customer’s imagination to India, while the smell of charred wood and beer will remind them of long nights around a campfire.

How does fragrance marketing increase the sales of your products?

A store with a pleasant smell is perceived more positively overall. Customers stay longer, browse and buy more when they feel comfortable in a store. But scent marketing can also specifically increase the sales volume of a certain product: Coffee machines are sold significantly more often when a room smells like freshly brewed coffee. Clothing and other textiles or washing machines find a buyer more easily if there is a smell of fresh laundry in the air. In cinemas, more buckets of popcorn go over the counter when the typical popcorn smell is perceptible and everyone knows the feeling of getting hungry as soon as they enter a supermarket or restaurant. This is also triggered by targeted scent spraying.

A selection of aromas with character:

The range of fragrances, the possible combinations and their effects are even more varied. Just try it on yourself and see what feelings the world of fragrances awakens in you.

The female scent character

If you want to sell brands or products with a female character, you should use oriental or “flowery” fragrances. These include rose and orchid, peach, jasmine, orange, almond, lily and vanilla.

The male fragrance character

Typical male scents, on the other hand, come from spices, mosses, wood or leather. Examples are pepper and nutmeg, cinnamon and cedar wood, amber or tobacco.

Refreshing citrus notes

Citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, lemons or grapefruit diffuse a fresh, invigorating fragrance. Bergamot is even said to brighten the mood immediately. Use these fragrances in your shop to be perceived as likeable and lively.

Roses are noble

Do you sell high-quality products? Roses have an intense scent, which seems “noble” to us. The beautiful flowers are therefore perfect for goods with an elegant image.

Jasmine invites you to fall in love

The scent of the jasmine blossom is said to be exotic, exciting, almost enchanting. If you want your customers to really fall in love with your products or services, this should be your choice.

Mandarins have a balancing effect

Even if mandarins belong to the citrus fruits and are therefore invigorating, their smell calms our nerves at the same time. It reduces hyperactivity and nervousness and increases well-being.

Sea air lets us breathe deeply

Even though water is odourless, the smell of salty sea air reminds us of the vastness and coolness of the sea. Maritime fragrances let everything appear clearer and cleaner and even evoke a sense of freedom.  Among other things, detergents and room sprays benefit from these effects.


Fragrances evoke emotions. These arise because the smell reminds us of a certain moment or because it stimulates the release of hormones. If you use in-store fragrances, you can trigger any feeling in your customers, depending on the fragrance. Use this emotional effect for your turnover: Create a particularly intensive shopping experience for your customers, increase the length of stay with pleasant fragrances and trigger more impulse purchases with positive emotions. Find out here how to find the right fragrance for your brand and install it in your store.