How to boost your sales with sound branding

A sound logo is a short audio sequence which is associated exclusively with that one brand. Just like the graphic brand logo, a sound logo can be part of your brand profile.

This offers a decisive advantage: your brand is also recognizable through the ears of your customers! In just a few seconds, a sound logo transports your brand directly to your customer’s emotional centre. But sound branding, the acoustic brand management, has even more aspects. We show you how you can use it to increase your sales.

Give your brand an auditory profile with a sound identity

In order to implement sound branding, you should define a sound identity. This sound identity includes everything that makes customers perceive your brand auditorily. One example are the sound logos: they last only a few seconds, are very memorable and therefore have a high recognition value. This can have a positive effect on your turnover. Sound Identity also includes the background music, or Instore Music, of your business.

Imagine you are in a noble jewellery store and hard rock music is playing. Does this sound right? Most customers would probably feel disturbed, speed up their shopping and leave the store as quickly as possible. Another target group may come to your shop for this very reason. You decide how desirable that is. The Sound Identity should therefore be matched perfectly to your brand.

Give your stores the atmosphere you want

Sound branding includes custom-made music profiles for your retail chain. These can be designed in different ways, e.g. through playlists tailored to your needs, in-store radio or individual in-store radio spots.

A decisive factor for the implementation of sound branding is a precise analysis and definition of who you want to reach and what you want to achieve with sound branding and what attitude or atmosphere you want to create with it. Determining the target group is very helpful. Also specify which message you want to convey.

Sound branding offers countless ways to create the ambience of your stores. Sound and music influence the mood and have an effect on the behaviour and emotions of your customers. Therefore, make sure to choose the ideal volume of your background music. Consider whether the rhythm of the music makes your customers enjoy their stay in your shop. Or is it too fast and hurries your customers along? Depending on the target group, this does not have to be a disadvantage. Of course, your sound branding not only affects your customers, but also your employees. In addition to your customers happily staying longer in your stores, your employees also enjoy the atmosphere of their workplace. This also guarantees your employees are much friendlier to your customers, which again has a positive effect on your turnover. Here are three ways to create your sound branding:

1. Instore Playlists

Have individual playlists compiled for your store. The playlist not only emphasises the ambience of your business, it can also be easily adjusted to events, seasons or holidays. Please note, however, that licence fees may apply to your playlists. Often, suitable playlists can also be created licence-free.

2. Instore Radio

Instore radio is an optimal way to address customers at the POS. Here you have enough time and space to include diverse moods and impulses. With varied music, you create the ambience in your shop, from lively to contemplative, from neutral to hip. Offering reliable information, such as news or weather forecasts, is an extra service to your customers. In addition, the voices of the presenters give you another opportunity to shape your sound identity. A particularly memorable voice can become the voice of your brand.

3. Instore Radio Spots

Instore Radio Spots let you distribute the content you want acoustically: Recommend cooking recipes that can be made particularly well or quickly with your products, give fashion advice that can be easily implemented with your products, and draw customers attention to your offers at the POS. Again, a distinctive voice can increase the recognition value of your brand.


With Sound Branding, you create a feel-good atmosphere in your stores for your customers and your employees. This leads to a longer customer dwelling time of has a positive effect on the willingness to buy. Use Sound Logo, Instore Playlist or Instore Radio and Instore Radio Spots to create your unique sound identity. Give your stores an auditory profile with Sound Branding and increase the recognition value of your brand. This way, sound branding can have a positive effect on your turnover.