How to boost your sales with sound branding

A sound logo is a short audio sequence which is associated exclusively with that one brand. Just like the graphic brand logo, a sound logo can be part of your brand profile. This offers a decisive advantage: your brand is also recognizable through the ears of your customers! In just a few seconds, a sound logo transports your brand directly to your customer's emotional centre. But sound branding, the acoustic brand management, has even more aspects. We show you how you can use it to increase your sales.

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Insider tip scent marketing: How to influence the length of time your customers spend in the store

Just like nature, you can use this psychological effect in a targeted way, for example, to "lure" customers into your store, to keep them there for a longer time, to make them remember you or to generally influence their well-being.

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Instore music as background music: How to find the ideal volume

The Hollister example became world-famous: The fashion label wanted to appear young and hip and therefore played particularly loud music in its stores.

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Increase in-store dwell time: 5 clever strategies to enhance the shopping experience

Do you plan to open a shop or to rearrange or redesign your store? Maybe you just want to add that certain something so that customers stay longer - and ultimately buy more? If that is what you want, all you have to do is make the right changes.

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Instore videos: How to use the amazing effect for your store

Are you currently thinking about installing a video screen in your shop and would like to know what content you should play on it? After all, you want to promote your business with it. Or are you still considering different ways to encourage your customers to buy more in your store?

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